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Posted On: December 2015

shift-workIn the U.S., about 8.6 thousand individuals work in shifts duty. Some of them function in evenings or having spinning changes during a few days. For many it’s a way for their professions and for some individuals it’s economical necessity. However, working in shifts on a long-term can cause some serious health issues too.

As shift work has become more common in the U.S., the health hazards associated with shift work are becoming the serious topic for scientists and researchers. Shift work can cause serious effects on our health in two ways. It can cause physical as well as emotional effects.

With regards to way of life, working in odd time of the day leave shift workers isolated, since their jobs cut them off from loved ones. They find difficult to get time to interact socially or invest in people. Also, it makes it tougher for them to work out and usually depend on unhealthy food. It can put a force on their personal and expert connections.

Waking out of bed on infrequent time of the day and working interrupts circadian tempos of the body. When your scientific time doesn’t tick well with your work -schedule, the problems start. It can toss your many physical techniques off the monitor.

The short-term effects of shift work frequently seen by shift employees are:

  • Increased risk of injuries and accidents
  • Poor quality of life
  • Gastrointestinal problems like upset abdomen, nausea, diarrhea
  • Insomnia

Long-term effects of shift work are:

Obesity There are several possible links between being overweight and shift work. Poor diet, limited movements and a sedentary lifestyle can promote being overweight. The hormonal leptin plays an natural part in controlling our hunger. Since shift employees have low levels of leptin and thus, making them more hungry leading to eating more than day employees.

Depression and mood disorders Research has shown that move employees are more likely to be depressed and mood problems. Apart from obesity and depressive problems, they are likely to develop many serious health issues such as diabetic issues, metabolic problem, and cardiac disease.

What are you expected to do not to work in shifts at all? Although working in shifts for a more time length is certainly a risk aspect for health but there are things that you can do to reduce the terrible results of shifts.

1. Limit number of shifts you do regularly. Avoid working for extended work hours. Avoid taking long driving times, which would take away your sleep time.

2. You can take modafinil to deal with extreme tiredness. Modafinil can decrease sleepiness, tiredness and sluggishness in you. It enhances concentrate, focus and lapsed memory.

3. Cut off you intake of caffeine or caffeinated beverages.

4. Start having healthy food, avoid junk food, exercise regular, and also maintain healthy weight.

5. Be socializing with family and friends as this will helps to reduce isolation and also improve the mood.

6. Sleep Well and maintain regular sleep schedule.

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