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BRAND VS GENERIC- Generic Drugs is the generic version or the duplicate of the branded medications. Very rarely you will find some changes in the shape or the color of tablets. Generic medicines are much less expensive than the branded and easily available as there are various producers around the world.

Why are generic drugs cheaper?- The manufacturers or the producers of the branded medicines already make expenses for the research, manufacturing, marketing and sales due to this branded medication are well known to the customers and they are so expensive. However in case of generic medicines the produces do not spend in these conditions and only have to look after the production cost and its allows them to keep the costing inexpensive, thus generic medication are so cheaper in price.

Is the Quality and effectiveness of the medication is trusted worthy?- We give guarantee of quality and the effectiveness of our medicines as chemical ingredients used are approved by FDA and are produced by well-known companies.

Is it safe to buy medicines at Yes, is absolutely safe. We offer all generic as well as branded medications directly from the manufactures.

Do I get a confirmation email after completing the order?- Once you complete your order online you get a verification call as well as you get a confirmation e-mail with your order information. You can reply us if there are any questions related to it.

How can I track my order?- Once your order is shipped you will get an e-mail with the tracking number within 24-48 working hours. You can even check your account for the order status or else call us at our toll-free number or send us an e-mail.

What about transaction safety?- We use secured transaction service with all reliable transaction services. Our dealings are properly secured by SSL security.

What payment methods do you accept?- At we accept payments via credit cards, wire transfers and echeck. For other alternatives you can contact our customer care representative.

Is it safe to share personal and payment information here at It is safe to share all your information and other personal information as we promise that your information are kept secret and we do not discuss it with any third party.

It There any hidden charges?- No, dosent charge any hidden costs. We will inform you before charging any extra cost.

When can I expect my order?- You will recieve your order within 12-15 business days if you select Free or Regular Shipment and in case of Express Shipping 8-12 business days.

Do I need prescriptions?- We do not need prescriptions. However for some medicines we do not and we will notify you for the same.

Which countries do you ship to? We ship globally however there are some countries which we do not ship that you can check on our checkout page while you enter the details.

What type of currency you accept?- only accept in US DOLLARS.

What is the shelf life of your drugs? We ship the fresh batch of the tablets and the shelf life may differ for 3-4 years.

What I can do If I get my parcel damaged?- If you receive damaged or broken parcel, we would recommend you to send us back with the snapshot of the broken tablets or the package within 24 hrs of receiving your order and we will reship your order without any charges. You just have to give us your order number.

What if the received medications do not work? Can I return them ?- We will request you to talk to your doctor before purchasing the tablets with us, as your doctor will give you the correct consultation, then there won’t be any issue with the medications. Still you can call us if you experience any problem.

How you will assist me if the order is lost or send to incorrect address?- We will reship your order if the order is missing or sent to incorrect address by the postal services. However you will have to provide us the correct shipping address or else we will not be responsible for that.

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