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In Depth Information About Male Pattern Baldness

Posted On: March 2016

men hair loss

What Is Male Pattern Baldness? Androgenic Alopecia which is also known as Male Pattern Baldness is the very most common type of Hair Loss in men. As per the US NLM (National Library of Medicine) around 60 – 70% of men will get affected by male pattern baldness. It is a type of Androgenetic Alopecia due to which hair follicles shrink gradually because of the hormonal and genetic factors. Hair follicles are so sensitive that they produce hair strands which grow thinner and shorter as the time passes and all together stops producing hair.

What Causes Male Pattern Baldness?

Male Pattern Baldness can be caused due to bad nutrition, drugs and other medication, tension, stress, etc. One of the major cause for this can be genetic baldness, means the baldness problem in family. But mainly it gets affected due t sex hormones in male which are called Androgens. As androgens have many functions which also includes regulation of hair growth.

Each and every hair has its own growth cycle. This growth cycle starts weakening due to which hair follicles shrink and produces thinner and shorter hair strands. Hence it ends the growth cycle of each hair and there are no longer new hairs to grow on their place.

Causes such as rashes, scalp peeling, breakage of hairs, redness, patchy hairs can also be the reason for baldness. Even regular blood tests, biopsy of skin and other disorders can cause Pattern Baldness.

Types of Baldness?

Baldness and hair thinning doesn’t appear same for everyone. Different people have different type of baldness. It depends upon the types of hairs you are losing.

Following are the types of Baldness :

1.It is a normal head with no loss of hair

2.It starts on the forehead with the WIDOWS PEAK

3.It starts with the loss of hair from the temple and resides from forehead. It becomes major on the crown.

4.It is the hair loss which starts from the front anterior areas.

5.It starts from the top of the vertex. This requires more to provide density and coverage.

6.It mainly shows major loss of hair still showing the availability of the donor hairs.

7.It shows most significant hair loss. Even it has the donors but very limited.

Risk Factors : Male pattern baldness starts at the early age of twenty or most probably as the age increases, it takes place in adult men. It mainly depends on the genetics or the one having the pattern baldness relatives.

Signs: If you have started losing hair on the temples or the head crown, then it means that you are getting affected by Male Pattern Baldness. It starts with the few hairs to the large amount of hairs. Like it can start with the single spot of baldness until all the hairs are gone. But it varies from person – person.

Techniques to Address Hair Loss:

There is no need of Medical treatment if it is not caused due to the other health conditions. For men however treatments are available who are not happy with the look of baldness and looking for head full f hairs.


Men can hide their baldness with different styles of hairstyle or haircut. They can also ask the hairstylist for an impressive hair cut which will suit to the baldness or will look like new style.


Finpecia is the medication which slows down the hair loss problem in men. It blocks the production of the male hormone which are responsible for the loss of hair. It has the higher success rate. Your hair loss returns when you stop the consumption of Finpecia, the hair loss returns.

You get to see the result after taking Finpecia for three months to one year. If there is no improvement even after taking this medication, stop taking it. Below are some side effects of Finpecia :





•growth of breast

•swelling of the face or lips

•painful ejaculation

•pain in testicles

•erection problem

Can Hair Loss Be Prevented?

As stress is the main cause which leads to hair loss, as it increases the levels of sex hormones in men body, there is no way to get away from male pattern baldness. Stress can be reduced by making yourself relax, doing activities which helps you to forget stress, like listening songs, walking on an empty road and the things which makes you happy.

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