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Popular Erectile Dysfunction Treatments That You Must Try


Posted On: March 2019

A large number of men are affected by erectile dysfunction and it is a common sexual problem all around the world. Men who experience erectile dysfunction find it hard to achieve or maintain erection on a consistent basis. Some of the most popular and effective ways are explained below. Just make sure to consult your doctor before going ahead with any of them.

Quit Smoking

 Smoking increases the risk of erectile dysfunction by blocking the arteries which in turn obstructs the blood flow through vessels. Improper blood flow can lead to circulatory problems including ED.

Exercise Daily

Exercising regularly for about 30 minutes a day helps to reduce the impact of erectile dysfunction and also improves your overall health. The main reason behind is that exercising daily helps to strengthen your heart, increase energy levels, improved the flow of oxygen, improves muscle strength and tone, lowers blood pressure and makes the bones stronger. Moreover, exercise also helps to reduce anxiety, stress, depression and tension, thus making you feel more relaxed.

Control Stress

Too much stress cause as well as worsen your condition. Make every effort to control your stress level. You can reduce the level of stress by exercising, practicing yoga, eating a balanced diet, maintaining a regular sleeping pattern and spending time with your loved ones.


Sex therapy

When erectile dysfunction is caused because of psychological factors like stress, performance anxiety, or lack of communication between partners, sex therapy can prove to be the best treatment. Both men and his partner should be involved in order to get best results. Sex therapy helps a man to regain his lost self-confidence and self-esteem. It also improves the communication between the partners and helps to get rid of any misunderstandings.

Oral Pills

Generic Viagra, Generic Levitra and Kamagra are a few oral medicines that can help you to wipe of erectile dysfunction. Taking just a single pill will help to improve the blood flow and provide erection within minutes. Oral pills are the most used form of erectile dysfunction treatment and have proved to be very effective.  To make sure that you take proper dose and avoid side-effects, you should consult your doctor before taking these pills.

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