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Posted On: November 2018

In today’s day-to-day life eye care is very much important for computer uses, as most of the work is done on the computer. As the eye is a sensitive part of our body, without eye it becomes more difficult to survive, so there is a need to take a care of the eye. Eye care is important for our lives. Eye care is essential to maintaining the health of our eyes. Eyes-related disease, poor vision, irritation in eyes, the blood-red color of eyes, cataract are a most common problem.

To avoid this problem we should follow some tips given below:

  • Always try to keep your eyes clean with cold water.
  • Consumption of vitamin A is beneficial for eyes.
  • Eating spinach, carrot, and other leafy vegetables will help in preventing various eyes problem.
  • Try to drink at least 10 glasses of water in a day it helps you to keep hydrated.
  • Also, try to keep the computer screen at about arm’s length
  • Try to use diffuse light rather than direct light.
  • Regular yoga or exercises are necessary for Healthy Eyes.
  • You should protect your eyes from the sun by using sunglasses
  • Avoid reading in moving vehicles as harm your eyesight.
  • Having an eye exam monthly is beneficial for eyes.

These little measures can help eyes to be healthy and keep all the emotional, physical problems that come with eye problems away.

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