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Posted On: December 2015

man-and-woman-in-bedWe all are very delighted if we get a product that has double benefits. Everyone like those products those have multi-purpose resources just like the mobile nowadays have double sim card service. Previously you have to keep two individual mobile phones in order to keep two different numbers. It at times becomes very undesirable to keep two individual mobile phones and manage them at a time. However with the appearance of double sim mobile phones you can function two different figures without any kind of problem. Also there are so many additional functions in the device which are very useful to you such as MP3 gamer, digicam, recording unit, internet explorer and so many more functions that you have in that little device. Now a day, it has all types of programs that you will find in a laptop or a computer.

In the same way there are some medicines that not only treats one single particular ailment but also several other wellness issues also. Therefore you don’t have to take too many medicines for the treatment different kinds of health problems. Just taking one medication, as it is enough for fixing all your issues. The drug super p force is also one of them. This medication is used for the treatment those men who suffer from the sexual disorder of male impotence and early ejaculation. The male impotence pertains to the issue of not getting proper construction of penis that is required for lovemaking with the girl and early ejaculation means attaining early ejaculation and leaving the girl actually disappointed. Both of these issues are very uncomfortable for the men and cause lot of issue in their personal life.

The PDE5 enzyme is the cause behind the problem of lovemaking dysfunction or men impotence. This blocks the bloodstream route and does not allow the blood circulate normally in the penis. Chemical known as sildenafil citrate is used in the medication which increases the bloodstream route and gives powerful and hard construction to the men for nearly four to five hours without any type of problems. Another substance that is used in super p power is dapoxetine. This is an antidepressant agent and drops in the classification of serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake chemical. It manages the ejaculation procedure and can be useful for a longer time lovemaking sessions. This is a oral product and has to be taken only once in a day and that too an time before the act. This is FDA approved drugs and is often secure. However, if you come across some allergic reaction after this medication, then speak to your physician instantly. Super p force should be taken only with simply water. People who really have problems with the issue of erectile dysfunction should take medicines only. You may experience sneezing, eye pain, complications, face reddening, abdomen pain which are light adverse reactions of this medication. They may go off in some days however if the issue continues for a longer length then show to your physician at once.

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